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SpokesPup Series

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Our SpokesPup series began in 2016 with our first official SpokesPup Chase! Chase was a proud survivor of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. To honor Chase and his incredibly story, we created a new wine in 2016 called Chase’s Reserve. It is an easy-drinking, semi-sweet red blend of native grapes with jammy, ripe strawberry and raspberry flavors and a lively finish. In 2018, we decided to expand the series with our newest SpokesPup GG. GG is our second official winery SpokesPup and the star of GG's Reserve and a rescue pup from rural Georgia. GG's Reserve is a clean and crisp blend of Cayuga & Chardonnay. with pleasant fruit-driven aromas. The lingering finish is balanced by a moderate, semi-dry sweetness.

A portion of the proceeds from each bottle of Chase's & GG's Reserve sold will be donated to local animal charities across the United States, in hopes that all dogs and cats can have a happily ever after like Chase and GG have! This is what rescue is all about, and we at Glenora are proud to be associated with such happy rescue stories.

Chase's Story

Chase spent 23 days on the streets of New Orleans in the aftermath of the hurricane. After being rescued, he was brought to Florida where he was quarantined for 90 days with serious life and health issues until he was lovingly adopted by his two legged family at Christmas 2005. He has a heart of gold with his bubbly, charming personality and his love knows no bounds with everyone he meets – especially with his Grandpa, Grandma and Dad.

Chase’s owner Jeff Pursae, a native of Rochester now living in Florida, began visiting Glenora in the early 80’s with his parents. In 2011 Jeff discovered Glenora’s custom label program and began the “Chase’s Reserve” series, featuring Chase’s picture. 

Over the years, with the advent of social media and a Facebook fan page for Chase (created by Jeff, Fur Love of the Pup), Chase’s Reserve wine has generated a huge amount of excitement to the point where people ask for his wine at the winery. 

Due to the popularity of Chase, his story, the custom labeled wine, and the desire to raise funds for local animal charities, we decided to officially create a new wine, “Chase’s Reserve,” to honor Chase and his incredible story. Chase’s Reserve was an instant success and continues to be a top selling wine at the winery. To date, over $4,000 has been donated to animal charities in Chase’s honor.  Sadly, Chase crossed the rainbow bridge in October of 2016, but his legacy lives on through his wine and the continuation of the SpokesPup Series with GG's Reserve. 

GG's Story

GG (short for Georgie Girl) was rescued and adopted by the same great family in Florida that rescued our first SpokesPup, Hurricane Katrina survivor Chase. Physically & emotionally scarred and seemingly abused, GG was found in a rural Georgia construction dumpster in September 2015 trying to get food for her pups. She languished there in a rescue shelter until January 2017 when she was re-rescued by Suncoast Animal League and brought to Florida where she was adopted sight unseen. 

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Chase's Reserve

Chase's Reserve

Featuring our SpokesPup Chase, a Hurricane Katrina Survivor. A portion of the proceeds from each bottle will be donated to local animal charities across the United States! Learn more about Chase by clicking on this product!

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GG's Reserve

GG's Reserve

A delightful blend of Cayuga & Chardonnay featuring our second winery SpokesPup GG! Click on this product to learn more! 

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