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Lakeside Trolley is a hop on and hop off trolley, stopping at top destinations around Seneca Lake.

The routes rotate daily between the East & West sides of the lake. Each side has unique stops that are hand picked to include a variety of wineries, breweries, restaurants & activities.

You can choose to hop off at any destination on the route. The trolley will then be back between 50 & 80 minutes, depending on the schedule. Then you can hop back on the trolley to another destination on the route.

The trolley will stop for a couple minutes, at each destination, to load & unload passengers: Hop on or Hop off. Please be ready for the trolley at the time it is scheduled to arrive at your stop.

You can see where the trolley is at all times with their easy to use Trolley Tracker.

Click here to visit the Lakeside Trolley website for more details.


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