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Gene Pierce
August 18, 2019 | Gene Pierce

The Glenora Gazette, Vol. 18, No. 8-19

The sky cloudy/overcast over the vineyards of Glenora and the shores of Seneca. The temperature is 67 degrees with the wind coming from the south at 4 miles per hour. Lake temperatures: Keuka-76 degrees; Seneca - 75.2 degrees. The forecast for today's concert at the Glenora Vineyard stage is that we will have a cloudy sky, temperatures in the mid to high 80s and a 30-50% chance of getting wet.

In the vineyards: The vineyard teams continue preparing for harvest which at this point is most likely about a month away - of course, Mother Nature could change that. Other projects include monitoring the early ripening vineyards as the birds are doing the same, mowing and some summer pruning. The harvester at Knapp is on the waiting list for a tune-up (sort of like going to the Doctor's office) - we have the folks who are harvester specialists come in to check it over and make any repairs necessary. Another observation: for the month to date we have received .94 inches of rain at our Glenora and Chateau LaFayette Reneau vineyards, while at the Knapp Vineyards we have received 3.47 inches. As the crow flies, the Knapp and CLR vineyards are about 25 miles apart.

A full moon, captured from the East Side of Seneca Lake

It appears that we will get the new hood system in the kitchen operational this coming week. There were some electrical details that needed to be resolved and Tuesday is the day. Whenthe hood system will be operational, the kitchen will be a much cooler (temperature wise) to work.

Speaking of kitchens: this coming week is Chef's appreciation Week! So please take a moment to let Chef Orlando and Chef John and their teams know how much they are appreciated.

The winemaking/production teams are very busy bottling and disgorging. They have a lot of custom work projects going on as everyone is emptying their tanks for the upcoming harvest, and from what is being reported regarding crop size everyone is going to need lots of available tank space.

It was a double header wedding weekend at Glenora with weddings and receptions taking place on Friday and Saturday. What we're hearing from potential brides is that July is just too hot! We certainly can appreciate weather concerns when planning a winter wedding, perhaps we offer early morning weddings in July and August as the mornings during those months are generally cool, and an added bonus would the sun rising over the vineyards.

Last evening Chef John and his team at the Vineyard Restaurant at Knapp Winery and Restaurant presented their monthly Wine Dinner that featured garlic in every course. Since garlic is reported to "cure what ails you", there should be many very healthy people running about this morning. It will be a double header wine dinner month at Knapp as next Saturday evening Chef John and his team will be offering/presenting a Seafood and Sunset Wine Dinner-sort of a picnic style dinner that will include shrimp, mussels, crab cakes, steamed clams and salmon. Click HERE for reservations.

A trumpet plant fully in bloom, in front of the iron and glass Glenora Wine Cellars sign

This past Thursday, August 15th, we posted our grape prices with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. We also sent the same information to those growers from whom we purchase grapes. In the letter sent to growers, we also include the tons that we expect to purchase from them and also our payment schedule. Although it has not occurred recently, it is not unusual for an inspector from Ag. & Mkts to visit us to conduct an audit to make sure we paid the prices posted for each variety of grapes, and that the payment took place as posted. They even look at the cancelled checks to make sure that the funds were actually paid - George Orwell heads up that department.

Our annual Leaves and Lobster event weekend will be occurring on September 14 and 15. Last year this was a sold out event, so if you are planning to attend, make your reservations soon. You can grab tickets HERE.

Thought for the week:  Ego
He was like the rooster who thought that the sun had risen to hear him crow

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Gene Pierce
July 28, 2019 | Gene Pierce

Glenora Gazette, Vol. 28, No. 7-19

The sky is mostly clear over the vineyards of Glenora and the shores of Seneca on this the last Sunday of the seventh month of 2019-July. The temperature is 69 degrees with the wind coming from the south southwest at 7 miles per hour. Lake temperatures--both lakes have water temperature readings that are higher than our current air temperature (ambient). Seneca-76.9 degrees, Keuka: 77 degrees=-Keuka did record 80 degrees earlier this past week-most likely earlier in the week as a result of the very warm temperatures last weekend.     

A beautiful sunny sky, with large white clouds,  over Seneca lake       

In the vineyards: It does appear that the warm weather of the past couple of weeks is bringing the growing season (degree day accumulation) closer to a normal year, however there is still a ways to go. General observations: Downy mildew can still be found in many vineyards-not a significant amount but it can be found. The same can be said for powdery mildew, again not significant but both bear watching and should be controlled if needed. The invasion of the Pacific Rim beetles has been significantly slowed by the application of protective sprays and they (the beetles) may yet have another opportunity to "taste" the protective sprays yet again.

We continue to get some early crop estimates and most seem to indicate a larger crop size than last year. We should have much better estimates during the next couple of weeks. However, it the number of phone calls from folks wanting to sell grapes is an indicator of either wine inventory or crop size (or both) there will be plenty of grapes available from the 2019 harvest.        

Last Sunday's Jazz Greats at Glenora was yet another successful event. Mother Nature lent us a hand as well - a warm day, no rain, a slight breeze and some cloud cover. Between ticket sales and the number of people needed to "make the show happen" we had over 1400 people near our vineyard stage last Sunday afternoon. As always this could not, would not, happen with the efforts of Team Glenora- Full Time, Part Time, Seasonal, and Day-of Team members -- it is a well-oiled machine. Thanks go out to everyone.

All of the Regional events (FLXcurision, NY Drinks NY, The Foundations Export Group) that took place last weekend seemed to go very well also. Some of these events brought visitors, growers, wine buyers, retailers, wholesalers, and consumers from around the world - great exposure for Finger Lakes Wines and the Finger Lakes Wine Grape Growing region. We certainly appreciate all of the work that the organizers did to put these events together.

While there were not many visible Zydeco dancing lines at last evening's "Louisiana Boil" wine dinner at the Knapp Vineyard Restaurant it was evident that the wine, food, and music were enjoyed, thanks to the efforts of Chef John and his Team.

We may have to purchase a van, at Knapp, for Chef John and his Team as it seems they are having more opportunities for off-site catering. This past week they catered a very large business group at one of our winery neighbors-Boundary Breaks. If you have not been to Boundary Breaks make the time to do so. It is beautiful setting- buildings, vineyards, wine, and a great view of Seneca Lake and the western shores of the lake (a great place to watch the sunset).

A catered dinner at Boundary Breaks, with white linens, silver buffet service, and a stunning view of Seneca lake

A reminder that tickets go on sale on Monday for Glenora's 2019 Leaves and Lobsters Festival. You may recall that last year's event was a sellout. As we have to advise our Lobster boat captain(s) at least 10 days in advance, once we give them an order based on ticket sales what we order is what we get-hence waiting to the last minute to order tickets is risky!

This coming Thursday evening, August 1st, Chateau LaFayette Reneau, will be hosting Mass in the Vineyards. The service, presented by Father Steve of St. Mary's of the Lake (Watkins Glen), is designed for vineyard and winery folks who find it challenging to attend Sunday services. The service is open to everyone- after which there is a social time-conversation, food, and wine. Chef Orlando provides the food and our friend Joanne is in charge of decorations and dressing the altar. Generally there is live music (appropriately, no heavy metal) as well.

Have you ever wondered what is at the bottom of Seneca Lake or what it might look like? Here is your chance to find out during the annual meeting (open to the public) or the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Assoc. --       

Thought for the week:   Success
            You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need."

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Gene Pierce
July 21, 2019 | Gene Pierce

The Glenora Gazette, Vol. 21, No. 7-19

The sky is partly cloudy and somewhat overcast this morning over the vineyards of Glenora and the shores of Seneca-the weather gurus tell us there could be thunderstorms. The temperature is 75 degrees but feels like 80 degrees due a humidity reading of 89%. The wind is from the southwest at 4 miles per hour, Lake temperatures: Keuka-79 degrees; Seneca-77.6 degrees.

In the vineyard: It has been a warm (hot) week there with temperatures in the high 80's most days and even into the 90's during a couple of days-the humidity made those temperatures feel even warmer. We have seen, in some of the vineyards, an invasion of undocumented aliens -"Pacific Rim beetles" who enjoy eating the newer foliage. Also, we noticed traces of powdery mildew in a few locations. Needless to say, the vineyard teams were out and about applying protective sprays. Knapp Vineyard Manager, Chas, even cut his vacation short to return to combat the alien Pacific Rim beetles-Thanks Chas. The teams also continue with summer pruning and hedging-the idea being to keep the fruit exposed for ripening and protective sprays.  Side note-the editor learned this past week that there are a few patches of posion ivy in the vineyards-but not for long!!

Last Sunday evening brought about the return of the Finger Lakes Wine Festival teams. For the festival teams that was the last gig of the season as we now roll into the concert and Leaves and Lobster seasons. As always there are observations from the wineries who attend the event, most of which are related to their sales. Our sales exceeded last year-great wines and a great sales team!! Speaking of the Festival, the editor had the opportunity to chat with Susie and Doug Knapp founders of the Finger Lakes Wine Festival in 1993. Doug, Susie and their team operated the festival during the years of 1993 and 1994 before selling it the folks at Watkins Glen International. The WGI folks did not hold a festival in 1995 as they wanted to "learn the ropes" as their primary business at that time, and still is, a venue for automobile racing. WGI opened the Festival Gates in 1996 and consequently just finished the 23rd Wine Festival Season there. So if one adds the two years of the Festival under the management of Susie and Doug to the 23 years that WGI has operated the festival -The Finger Wine Festival has 25 years in its glass-we have participated in all of them!  Today there are wine festivals almost every weekend however the Finger Lakes Wine Festival was the pioneer Festival!

A wine cellar lunch set up in our production facility

As mentioned last week this is a busy weekend for team Glenora, Knapp and Chateau as we will be participating in The New York Drinks New York program, the New York Wine and Grape Foundation's Export Program, and the FLXcursion program. These programs started yesterday and will be running through Monday. For Team Glenora this is addition to hosting two weddings and the Jazz concert. All of this takes a lot of planning, coordination and implementation. Today at Glenora alone there will be or have been well over 125 team members taking part in activities -kitchen, restaurant, Inn, housekeeping, retail, concert, parking, traffic directors, setup, cleanup, wine and food sales at the festival tent, and more.

An industry tasting set up in our barrel room for our international guests

Executive Chef Orlando reports that the new hood and exhaust fan system is being installed in the kitchen.  This is a unit located over the stoves and fryers that draws out cooking fumes and heat. When the installation is finished the hood and fans will keep kitchen much cooler which obviously benefits those working there, along with less heat stress on the other equipment. Unfortunately the installation is taking a bit longer that anticipated -a some confusion on the part of the seller about 110 vs 220 volts. If one thinks ii has been hot outside this past week you should have been in the kitchen. You may have heard of the saying= "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" -our kitchen team has stuck it out!! Thank you!

Don't forget, like the editor did as he showed up for  the wine dinner last evening at Knapp, that the dinner is next week when Chef John, and his Team at the Knapp Vineyard restaurant will present their monthly wine dinner which is themed Louisiana Boil, and as usual will be accompanied by Chateau LaFayette Reneau, Glenora and Zugibe wines. A special twist was will be live Zydeco music-dancing in the vineyards??!!  Next month the Theme is "The Garlic Wine Dinner" The 2019 garlic harvest will have been completed and Chef John celebrates that event with many unique garlic dishes. This dinner, like most of the Wine Dinners, sells out so if you want to take part sign up soon.

Blue bottles of our 2018 Moscato, capped with yellow, on display in our retail store. The label features a mandala like design in pinks, yellows, greens, and white.

On Friday our newest wine release appeared in the tasting room at Glenora-our 2018 Moscato. It arrived in a bright blue bottle and with a very distinctive label. Lots of time was spent in the creation of this wine and its packaging-once again thanks to all involved!

            Thought for the Week:     Inspiration-Attitude

            "If fear is cultivated it will become stronger, if an idea/belief is cultivated it will achieve mastery

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Heather Eriole
August 9, 2017 | Heather Eriole

Meet the Lovely Jazz Ladies of August

For the second concert in our 2017 Jazz Greats series, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome two first timers to our Vineyard Stage: Lindsey Webster & Grace Kelly. We like to call them the “Lovely Ladies of August” and talent is something they have no shortage of.

Kicking things off on the 20th will be Lindsey Webster and her soulful voice.   From the first note, Lindsey, a native of Woodstock, N.Y., captivates listeners. Her rich voice enchants a dedicated following who connect with the raw emotion she shares with them. As a Soul R&B artist, she combines an admirable natural talent with a genuine, accessible stage presence. Her voice has been compared to R&B royalty Sade, Mariah Carey, and Anita Baker.

In 2016, her soulful, vocal-driven single “Fool Me Once,” off of her second album, hit #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts, an otherwise instrumental chart, and remained for four weeks, beating out a previous record of three weeks for a vocal-fueled song by Sade.  In the history of the radio airplay chart, the two songs are the only all-out vocals-fueled entries to hit the top.

Our second Lovely Lady is the exuberant Grace Kelly. As a saxophonist, singer, and composer, Grace plays with the heart and passion of an old soul yet with the genre-bending zest and energy of a 24-year-old. She has been a regular with Jon Batiste and Stay Human, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s band, and recently released her 10th CD as a leader.

She wrote her first song at seven years old, recorded her first CD at 12, and has taken the music world by storm ever since, garnering many awards along the way, including “Jazz Artist of the Year” at the 2016 Boston Music Awards, among others.

In efforts to bring jazz to a younger audience as well as to bridge music, cinematography, and her joyful personality, Grace launched a new weekly video series called “Grace Kelly Pop Up” on social media in February 2017.

It’s going to be an unforgettable afternoon of Jazz overlooking Seneca Lake!

Tickets are $30 and are available online, by phone 800.243.5513, or at any Wegmans store across New York state. We hope you enjoyed learning about our Lovely Ladies of August and we’ll see you on the 20th!

For more information or for tickets, click here. 

To visit Lindsey’s website, click here.
To visit Grace’s website, click here

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