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Heather Eriole
October 23, 2017 | Heather Eriole

What's to Love About Fall at Glenora... Everything!

Fall is truly a magical time in the Finger Lakes. The landscape comes alive with vibrant colors. The air is scented with the sweet smell of grapes ripening. The wineries, vineyards and farms are abuzz with harvest activity. Fall fruits and veggies become abundant. Tourism is at its peak with visitors coming from all over the world to visit our little slice of heaven. The list goes on. It really can’t be beat!

Here at Glenora, it’s a great time to visit to experience harvest firsthand, especially during the week.  You’re almost guaranteed to catch live harvest action and what we like to call the “harvest dance,”  where our winemaking team brings in grapes to be crushed and pressed. While you can witness this from our tasting room windows, a cellar tour gets you up close and personal to where the magic happens on the crush pad and in the cellar. If you’re lucky, you might even catch our winemaker Steve D!

While all of the seasons offer something different and exciting, it’s likely that a majority of the Glenora team would pick fall as their favorite season at the winery. It’s one of the most exciting times of year for many reasons, and with that said, we thought it’d be fun to dive a little deeper and ask some of our staff what they love about autumn. Read on to find out!

What is your favorite thing about fall at Glenora?

“Watching the grapes come in, and the process they go through to eventually end up in the bottle is exciting! Being able to ‘show and tell’ for our visitors as the wine is being made, and to be a part of their Finger Lakes vacation memories, is a lot of fun.”
– Stacy Gray, Retail Manager

“The smell of grapes in the air is by far my favorite part! I also love the colors of the hills across the lake, providing a beautiful backdrop for everyone to enjoy. I love all of the fall colors in the vineyard. They add so much to the property. There is something cozy about it!”
-James Merritt, Assistant Weddings & Event Manager

“The smell of ripe grapes in the air!”
-Emily Edsall, Assistant Inn/Restaurant Manager

“Like most people in wine country I enjoy the sights, sounds, smell of the ripening grapes, the color, and visitors that fall brings. Being a vineyardist and winery owner it also marks the end of the season for the vineyards which started over 10 months ago with pruning—ending now with picking of the grapes—we get to see the culmination of work in the vineyards. At the same time it marks the beginning of the winemaking process something that depending on the grape variety and wine type can last from 6 months to several years. Fall marks the end of one part of grape growing/wine production and the beginning of another.”
–Gene Pierce, Owner & President

"What I like about fall are all the autumn vegetables that we start to get at Veraisons. Butternut squash, buttercup squash, kale, parsnips, sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts..the list goes on."
–Orlando Rodriguez, Executive Chef of Veraisons Restaurant

“The fall is beautiful anyway, and with grapes being harvested almost every day, there’s a feeling of urgency in making sure the quality is as good as it can be, and the excitement in converting the crop into some wonderful wines that our customers will enjoy.”
-Steve DiFrancesco, Winemaker

We hope you’ll consider joining us this fall so you can experience the magic yourself!

Upcoming Fall Events:
10/28: Annual Harvest Dinner at Veraisons
Sparkling wine toast + locally sourced five course meal
11/11: Nouveau Celebration
A long-standing tradition celebrating the first wine of the 2017 harvest
11/23: Thanksgiving Buffet at Veraisons

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